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Welcome to the Kid's Story Page.

This is where you can post your story, and share your sailing experiences with us. Let us know how you started to windsurf, and what you like the most about the sport. If you have had a good or a bad competition, we would also like to know what happened. You may also ask us questions, and we will try to answer as many of you as possible. If you want to send us pictures, you can mail them separately to info@star-board.com (jpg format) We are looking forward to hear from you.

Starboard Staff.

[] Jennifer Kesik (jeni1@o2.pl)
August 5th,2005
[] Mitchell Stephenson (mitchf11@hotmail.com)
August 5th,2005
[] Maciek Rutkowski (wojtek007@post.pl)
August 4th,2005
[] Jaeger Stone (stonesurf@wn.com.au)
August 3rd,2005
[] Oliver Tom (oliver-Tom@web.de)
February 8th,2005
[] carreau benjamin (smvinyl@wanadoo.fr)
February 6th,2005
[] luis von einsiedel (acove@eircom.net)
February 5th,2005
[] Paulo Sorreda (luigipau_08@yahoo.com)
January 19th,2005
[] Schliemann (windyfuncom@aol.com)
December 10th,2004
[] Alfonso Valenzuela
November 19th,2004
[] Dieter Van der Eyken (windsurfsmurf@hotmail.com)
November 17th,2004
[] Bjorn and Jurgen Saragoza
September 20th. 2004
[] Jordan Reid (funod2@aol.com)
June 10th. 2004
[] Connor and Yuma in Maui
May 17th. 2004
[] Van den Bogaerde Robin (roberto_kwallie@hotmail.com)
April 29th. 2004
[] Alfonso Valenzuela (gusty_surfer12@yahoo.com)
April 16th. 2004
[] Janis Bondarenko (dom2004@front.ru)
December 10th. 2003
[] Jordan Reid (funod2@aol.com)
September 18th. 2003
[] Gavin Elliott (jge4964@sbcglobal.net )
August 23rd. 2003
[] Chris Pressler (root@continentseven.com)
June 9th. 2003
[] Oliver-Tom Schliemann (windyfunroses@interbook.net)
May 28th. 2003
[] Neil Richard (jim_bobby69@hotmail.com)
April 22nd. 2003
[] Maxim De Buck (surfingmax@hotmail.com)
April 22nd. 2003
[] Matt Ramsay
March 18th. 2003
[] Alexander Lewis - Hughes (inkoe@hotmail.com)
February 28th. 2003
[] Sam Best (onehundredpercentcarbon@hotmail.com)
January 23rd. 2003
[] Leszek Rutkowski
September 12nd. 2002
[] Antonio Cozzolino (wsurferboy@hotmail.com)
September 2nd. 2002
[] Craig (snyders@btinternet.com)
July 24th. 2002
[] Jordan Reid (fungod2@aol.com)
July 24th. 2002
[] John Cudd (john@cudd.biz)
July 17th. 2002
[] Leon Tulling (Leon_surfdude@hotmail.com)
May 19th. 2002
[] Sven Akerboom (f.akerboom@home.nl)
May 15th. 2002
[] Antonio Cozzolino (wsurferboy@hotmail.com)
May 15th. 2002
[] Oliver-Tom (windyfunroses@interbook.net)
May 14th. 2002
[] Johannes Jahr (john.jahr@telia.com)
February 26nd. 2002
[] Bob Willis (wndsrfer87@aol.com)
November 29nd. 2001
[] Beverly (Angelo470@hotmail.com)
November 22nd. 2001
[] Ricardo Bakker (egm.bakker@wanadoo.nl)
November 7th. 2001
[] Sven Akerboom (f.akerboom@home.nl)
October 28th. 2001