Quick S-Types are on the way to bring a whole new super sporty feel to freeriding. These designs are crisp and feel extremely fast, they are the perfect choice for supercross fun. The S-Types are high-speed slalom-based freeride shapes, derived from Kevin Pritchard's race-winning Sonic 100. With their thin, tucked-under rails and rounded tail outlines, the S-Types deliver exceptional handling and remarkable jibing abilities, in a more comfortable and controllable package than pure slalom boards.

Narrower outlines with speed orientated slalom rocker lines and flat tails offer blistering acceleration and exceptional top-end speed in high winds. Inboard footstrap positions allow the S-Types to be tuned for Supercross races where Spocks and other freestyle tricks are required. Extra-short lengths offer impeccable control in all conditions, reduced swing weight and improved responsiveness. This design makes Supercross style jumps and speed loops easy. Thin carving rails and smoothly rounded tail outlines for maximum jibing performance. High quality fittings: Super-soft high comfort wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads.

In comparision:
  • Compared to the Carve range, the S-Type boards offer a more slalom-style ride and a more "locked-in" high-speed stability feel. The boards are shorter for more top end control and responsiveness, at the expense of being more technical to ride. The Carve range would be more suitable if the user is looking for more jibing fun, user-friendliness and maneuverability.
  • Compared to the F-Type range, the S-Type boards have a higher reaching speed, capable of powerful jibes within a windier range of conditions. The S-Type boards are also more maneuverable than the F-Types. The F-Types would be more suitable if the user is looking for a bigger sail range, lighter-wind performance, more upwind ability and a more Formula-racing feel.
  • Compared to the Sonics, the S-Type boards have a better jibing performance, more maneuverability and are more comfortable. They also have inboard footstrap positions for better accessibility and Supercross abilities. The construction of the S-Type boards is also stronger than that of the lightweight Sonics.

  • S-TYPE : S-Type 104, S-Type 115, S-Type 126 (wood)
    S-TYPE : S-Type 104, S-Type 115, S-Type 126 (d-ram)

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    S-Type 104 104 242 60 39.1 6.6 7.1 S.Tuttle Drake Freeride 280 4.5-6.8
    S-Type 115 115 242 64 40.3 6.8 7.35 S.Tuttle Drake Freeride 320 4.8-7.2
    S-Type 126 126 244 67 41.5 7.3 7.75 S.Tuttle Drake Freeride 380 5.0-8.0