The Start, was the first dedicated ultra-wide beginner's board. Originally introduced in 1999 it has revolutionized entry level windsurfing by making the sport incredibly easy to learn - cover the basics in a mere 60 minutes.

Today, the new 2005 shapes are ultra stable. The Start S, M and L have new fittings and have been especially developed to make windsurfing more addictive.

The new models are simply tailored to let first timers have instant success when learning the basic's and then provide them with the sensation of planing straight away, getting them hooked.

The wide shapes with extra volume in the mid rail section insure plenty of stability to secure the best platform for easy learning, and the wide tail area encourages the earliest possible planing.

More stable, more ergonomic, more durable, more fun and more exciting to ride. Smooth to jibe and quick to plane, the new Start's not only make learning quicker, it also makes planing and performance sailing more accessible and easier to attain.

"Starboard is not just happy to have pioneered the compact widestyle beginner board, it is a team that endlessly improves the concept towards more maneuverability and ease of progress. The Start is currenty the most stable and easiest board in the World, while keeping a heathy dose of excitement - no... make that pure fun!"
Wind magazine France, March 2003

  • Fat rails in the midsection give incredible stability and floatability. Even at reduced widths, these fat rails give the stability of boards much wider.
  • Fine, thin rails in the tail with heavy tuck-under provide aft rail bite and easy initiation to smooth jibing performance.
  • Wider tail of the Start L lowers the planing threshold significantly, to get learners hooked to speed before they know it!
  • The deck in the back third of the board is domed for extra comfort in all footstrap positions. While the subtle central ridge helps the user to feel the board's center line, making learning instinctively easier and faster!
  • Multiple footstrap positions cater for the absolute beginner, intermediate and for maximum performance.
  • The 3-coloured deck indicates standing positions and is in coordination with footstrap positions. Inside colour for first timers, middle colour for planing initiation and outside colour for higher performance
  • The revolutionary Clipperbox retractable center fin system is super slick and smooth to use. Totally sand proof and totally flush to the deck.
  • Just ahead of the center fin is an attachment point for the leash loop, that can be used to give learners more confidence and prevent them from drifting too far. Because it is positioned in the center, the leash will not affect board behaviour and response.
  • Sharp release edge in the trailing section of the hull - a feature rarely found in ASA boards - improves crispness, planing performance and acceleration.
  • A concaved deck in the forward area helps guide the user through a tacking maneuver with ease.
  • High quality fittings: Clipperbox, super-soft uni-directional fish scale pads, safety washers, easy to adjust Quick-straps, nose bumper, carry handles.

    3 models are tailor made for different weight and skill groups:

  • The L for heavy weights and sailors that are looking for the easiest board to learn on, with a planing incentive.
  • The M for medium weights and for sailors more orientated towards jibing initiation and a more conveniently sized package.
  • The S for lighter weights and sailors living in windier locations.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the GO range, the Start boards are more durable and accessible in terms of price, since they are not made in full PVC sandwich. The Start boards are also more suitable for first-timers because they feature the retractable Clipperbox centre fin system and are shaped specifically with maximum stability in mind.
  • The GO board would be more suitable for sailors who are already more confident and who would like to step up to high-performance sandwich boards with their lightweight and crisp performance, without losing on comfort and accessibility.
  • Compared to the Express, the Start board is again more durable and cheaper, with a dedicated shape that makes it even easier for first timers to learn on and progress faster on. The full EVA deck also makes the Start more comfortable than the Express's conventionally finished deck.
  • The Express would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a lightweight sandwich construction board finished to a premium level, with a retractable centre?fin system to add to versatility, lightwind fun and ease of learning.

  • START: Start S | Start M | Start L

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Start S 150 235 85 56.0 13.0 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox fin + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.0
    Start M 205 258 90 62.1 13.6 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox fin + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-9.5
    Start L 225 253 101 74.3 14.6 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox fin + Drake Shallow 410 2.0-11.5