The current world champion slalom shapes developed with Kevin Pritchard are classic slalom boards purely orientated towards the ultimate top-end speed in optimum conditions. Uncompromised, ultra light construction, with blistering warp-speed accelerations. Thanks to reduced lengths and perfectly engineered ergonomic rail shapes, the Sonics provide maximum effective grip and comfort in powered up conditions. With faired outlines and lightly tucked rails, the Sonics are capable of powerful, fast jibes that carry maximum speed through the turn, enabling overtaking advantages at the jibing mark.

Pure, un-distilled racing adrenalin with rushes of speed.

1. High quality fittings: super-soft, uni-directional Fish Scale pads, safety washers. 2. Super lightweight Race straps that weight a mere 90g and designed to absorb a minimal amount of water when wet. 3. Extra lightweight Wood technology construction, with minimal racing finish on the bottom to save every possible gram. 4. Ergonomic rail shapes under the feet with as light tuck, for maximum control and grip. 5. High performance prepreg High Modulus UD Carbon slalom fins, designed by Curtis Hesselgrave.
In comparision:
  • Compared to the Hypersonic range, the Sonics are designed for maximum top-end speed and the quickest lap times around a downwind slalom course in optimal conditions. They jibe better with their narrower outlines but on the other hand are more technical to sail.
  • The Hypersonic takes advantage in more unsteady conditions or lighter wind conditions when a high average speed is more important. The wind range is wider than that of the Sonics, making it ideal for "one board only" events. The Hypersonic is also better upwind, making it better at over taking.
  • Compared to the S-Type range, the Sonics again give uncompromised performance towards top speed and racing jibes in optimum downwind slalom conditions.
  • The S-Types are freerace boards that are more maneuverable and smoother in the jibes with their wider and rounder outlines and thin, tucked rails. They also offer Supercross performance with their inboard strap options and tougher construction.

  • SONIC: Sonic 90, Sonic 100, Sonic 110, Sonic 125

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Sonic 90 90 255 55 33.4 5.8 S.Tuttle box Drake Slalom Pro 320 5.0-7.0
    Sonic 100 100 245 58 38.0 6.3 Deep TT Drake Slalom Pro 340 5.5-7.8
    Sonic 110 110 235 68 46.5 6.8 Deep TT Drake Slalom Pro 420 5.8-9.0
    Sonic 125 125 237 75 50.7 7.3 Deep TT Drake Slalom Pro 420 6.0-9.8