The new Prokids Team and the new Prokids range of boards:

  • Prokids Acid, the Jaeger Stone Pro-model, is an extreme, classic down-the-line kids' wave board.
  • Prokids Evo, the evolutionary waveboard with maximum versatility for progressive and radical young riders.
  • Prokids S-Type, the miniature slalom / freeride board for the ultimate blasting rides.
  • Prokids Formula, the miniature course racing board with early planing and high performance racing abilities.
  • All the Prokids boards are made in Full Airex PVC sandwich, with a gel coat finish
  • The Starsurfer in NASA construction (see front page) is the ultimate progressive board for young windsurfers. Sporting an optional middle fin and a safe soft EVA deck cover. This fast and super easy to ride design has come a long way since Starboard introduced the first real windsurfing board for youngsters.

    Wind magazine, France, on the Starsurfer, June 2004:
    "Real star of the range, here is the special board for kids who want to get fully into windsurfing. A board perfectly progressive and adapted to the needs of youngsters who are looking for a board to attack windsurfing, progress and go very far."

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the normal Acid, Evo, Formula and S-Type boards for adults, the Prokids Evo, Formula and S-Type are smaller in length, width, and volume, scaled down to fit 20-55 kg sailors. The stances are smaller and the mast tracks are further back. The construction is also lighter.
  • The boards are more affordable but they remain light and look identical to the adult versions.
  • Compared to the Start XS, the Starsurfers are more progressive towards planing performance, reduced weight with a Tuttle box fitting for the centre fin. This allows the kids to easily learn and stay upwind and also reduces weight and clutter when the kids have learnt beyond the need for a centre-fin.
  • The Start XS is a dedicated board for beginner kids, with a Clipperbox retractable centre-fin system.
  • Compared to the Prokids range, the Starsurfer boards are cheaper and more durable with their ASA construction. They are designed for basic freeriding as well as learning, being more stable with their wide widths. Full EVA decks make them more comfortable and the tuttle box centre fin fitting makes staying upwind when learning easy.
  • The Prokids range is radical and not compromised in any way towards learning. They are lighter and built to the same premium finish as conventional sandwich boards. The Prokids would therefore be more suitable for the kids who already excel at windsurfing.

  • PROKIDS: Prokids Acid | Prokids EVO | Prokids S-Type
    Prokids Formula | Starsurfer S | Starsurfer M

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size

    Prokids Acid 48 214 50 32.9 5.4 US Drake Wave 200 1.5-4.0
    Prokids EVO 62 219 54 34.4 5.9 US Drake Evolution Wave 205 2.0-4.7
    Prokids S-Type 72 210 55 36.8 5.8 S.Tuttle Drake Freeride 260 2.0-6.0
    Prokids Formula 117 217 93 69.8 8.6 Deep Tuttle Drake R13 Race NR 620 3.0-8.5
    Starsurfer S 100 216 76 50.1 8.7 Tuttle Box Freeride 400 + 2 Plastic fin + base 1.0-7.5
    Starsurfer M 140 235 85 56 10.7 Deep Tuttle Race 480 + 2 Plastic fin + base 2.0-9.5