A "curved to fit" multipurpose vehicle combining the best of our freeride and Evo lines, into a no fear, no bull, cross over, fun and fly package.

Waveriding, freestyling, blasting, bump & jump, the Kombats' pure crossover shape covers a wide spectrum of styles and conditions. They are based on stretched Evo waveboards with a longer, more slender and faster rockerline. With multiple footstrap positions, the Kombat is the one board solution for ripping in all conditions from flat water to choppy swells, to epic wave conditions. Our long awaited wave/ freestyle/ freeeride crossover is ready for battle.

  • Both wave fin and a more upright freeride fin is supplied, to make it the most versatile board possible.
  • Rounded pintail shapes and generous "tuck under" in the rails for a looser, snappier cutback, bottom turn and jibe.
  • The wide outline allows for smaller sails to be used in any given wind strength.
  • A fast rockerline for early planing and crossover freeride blasting.
  • High quality fittings: super-soft high comfort Wavestraps, Uni-directional fish scale pads, Heel bumpers.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Acid and Evo ranges, the Kombats are not as dedicated to wavesailing, since it is also designed for flat water blasting and freestyling too. The Kombats are therefore more suitable for the expert sailor who is looking for versatility in not only waves but also flat and choppy water conditions. The Acid and Evo boards are more suitable for the sailor looking for a dedicated waveriding tool.
  • Compared to the Freesex range, the Kombats are far more adapted to waveriding with it's Evo-derived design cues. It therefore offers a more classic crossover feel, blending evenly the need to waveride, to blast and jibe, with the pop to do freestyle tricks. The Freesex range is more "pure-freestyle" orientated and is therefore more suitable for sailors looking to freestyle and blast around, without going into hardcore waveriding.
  • Compared to the Carves of similar volume, the Kombats are more orientated towards waveriding and freestyling than the smallest Carves, that are faster, made for pure freeride fun, bump and jump blasting and ultimate jibing.
  • Compared to the S-Types, the Kombats are capable of evo-esque waveriding and are far more maneuver orientated, whether it's for jibing, free styling or just carving. The S-Types are made for top end speed and limited freestyling in Supercross competitions, and are therefore much faster with a far more "locked-in slalom" feel.

  • KOMBAT : KOMBAT 85, KOMBAT 95, KOMBAT 105 (wood)
    KOMBAT : KOMBAT 85, KOMBAT 95, KOMBAT 105 (d-ram)

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Kombat 85 85 242 59 39.0 6.9 7.5 US box Drake Cross 240 + Drake Kombat 280 4.0-6.0
    Kombat 95 95 244 62 39.3 6.9 7.6 US box Drake Cross 240 + Drake Kombat 280 4.5-6.5
    Kombat 105 105 245 65 41.2 7.3 8.0 US box Drake Cross 255 + Drake Kombat 310 5.0-7.5