"No other board to date has revolutionized modern windsurfing like the Hypersonic. Truly extraordinary".
Windsurfer magazine France.

"Board of the Year". Boards magazine UK.

"The introduction of the Hypersonic into the market place changed the status quo. It has re-introduced the idea of speed again. A huge sail range, as well as a blisteringly fast performance. Here we have a board that is extremely short, easy and light to transport, and capable of taking a ten-metre sail as well as it handled a six-metre."
Windsurf magazine UK, May 2004

The Hypersonic has become the "cult" board. What else was to be expected from the board that has created more debate than any other board design ever.

The famous Hypersonics are all about maximum speed over a maximum wind range. Capable of carrying a massive range of sail sizes, the Hypersonic's deliver blistering speeds from lightwind to strong wind conditions.

3 years after their initial controversial launch, they remain the unequalled one-board slalom solution.

Thin rails and a highly domed deck offer jibing agility, improved grip and exceptional comfort. Dram versions feature an extra row of inboard footstrap settings for more versatility. Ultra-compact shape: very short lengths reduce both swing weight and dead weight, and make high-wind control exceptionally easy for even higher top- end speeds. High quality fittings: super-soft, uni-directional Fish Scale pads, Safety Washers, high comfort Wavestraps. Two prepreg, high modulus UD carbon slalom fins are supplied as standard: a smaller one for high winds and a larger one for earlier planing and larger sails.
In comparision:
  • Compared to the Sonic range, the Hypersonic boards are more consistent in achieving maximum speed in variable conditions, from light gusty winds when large sails are necessary, to strong winds with smaller sails (two fins are supplied as standard to help gain maximum performance in all conditions). The Hypersonics have a very wide range of sail carrying ability, and are also good at going upwind - an important factor for sla lom overtaking maneuvers. The Sonics would be more suitable if the sailor is looking purely for top-end speed in a more specific wind range.
  • Compared to the S-Type range, the Hypersonics are capable of more consistent slalom performance over a wider range of conditions, carrying a wider range of sails. The Hypersonics, with larger sails, will get planing earlier and carry on planing through lulls better. The S-Type boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a more classic reaching board that will give maximum freerace thrills in a specific wind range, with high speed and jibing fun at both ends.
  • Compared to the F-Type range, the Hypersonics offer more reaching speed, better jibing and more consistent slalom performance in variable conditions. The wider F-Types are more suitable for those looking for upwind performance, early planing in lighter winds, with good jibing ability, good speeds and good accessibility in a board that also carries a very wide range of sail.

  • HYPERSONIC: Hypersonic 111, Hypersonic 133 (wood)
    HYPERSONIC: Hypersonic 111, Hypersonic 133 (d-ram)

    Modelo Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Hypersonic 111 111 218 77 54.0 6.8 7.5 Deep Tuttle Drake Slalom 340/420 5.0-9.9
    Hypersonic 133 133 218 77 54.0 7.3 8.0 Deep Tuttle Drake Slalom 340/420 5.3-10.4