The launch of the first GO board back in 1998 started the history of modern windsurfing. Derived from development on the first semi wide race boards, the Go brought a new world of accessibility to windsurfing.

The very first EVA covered full sandwich boards were hailed by the press as "saving the sport of windsurfing", and these immediate best sellers redefined progressive performance freeriding.

The Go further became the starting point of the first Starboard Formula boards. As Jim Drake pronounced that wide boards will truly become popular the day they are evolved enough to win a World Championship. In 2000 his wide designs took all the first 6 places in the Formula Worlds.

"The Go, the revolution that made windsurfing accessible, allowing beginners to become autonomous within half a day. Others adopted it as an everyday board. Others went as far as to take it out for back loops!" Planchemag, France, June 2004.

The Go's cater for all, including beginners who need wide widths for extra stability, optional side fins for directional stability, and comfort from the full EVA deck. Combining these features with a crisp lightweight sandwich construction with shapes that bring impressive speed, early planing, extra comfort and truly amazing jibing qualities, the GO is the one for all.

  • Full sandwich construction makes the GO boards stiff, crisp and light to sail, with a responsive and exciting ride.
  • Multiple footstrap positions transform the board from an entry-level tool to a high performance freeride blasting machine.
  • Racing developed cutaways and flat tails reduce wetted surface to deliver speed, sharp acceleration and improved trim.
  • Full EVA deck with graduated thickness to minimize weight.
  • Thin, heavily tucked-under rails in the tail, combined with a rounded, pinched outline, enabling truly excellent jibing qualities - full planing, powerful and fast jibes that will blow you away.
  • Optional side fins transform the GO boards into a beginner-friendly board that stays upwind comfortably.
  • High quality fittings: Super-soft, uni-directional Fish Scale pads, safety washers, carry handles, easy to adjust Quickstraps.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Start range, the GO boards are much lighter and much more exciting to sail thanks to its sandwich construction. The boards are geared more towards progressive sailors, as opposed to absolute beginners, but with its full EVA deck, its beginner insert positions and its optional side fins, the GO can also transform itself into an ideal beginner board. Once planing, the GO boards will also deliver a more sporting ride.
  • The Start boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a dedicated entry-level board in a more durable albeit heavier construction. The Start board targets a lower pricing bracket.
  • Compared to the Express, the GO boards are more comfortable thanks to its full EVA deck. They have performance that is more progressive towards planing, since it does not have added weight from a retractable centre fin systems.
  • The Express is more suitable for those looking for a board that is both fun in planing and non-planing conditions, as well as good for beginners too, thanks to its retractable centre fin. The Express is "cool" with its light gel?coat premium finish.
  • Compared to the Carve range and Carve HDEs, the GO boards' shapes are geared towards stability and early planing performance by being relatively longer and wider, with a wider tail. In planing conditions, they will have a more race-like performance with superior upwind capabilities, while maintaining a relatively smooth and easy jibing quality. The GO boards also offer more comfort than the Carves thanks to its full EVA deck.
  • The Carve boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a pure, high-adrenalin Freeride board that is dedicated to total blasting, with excellent jibing qualities in between.

    1995 1998 2000 2001 2003 2005
    The widest Starboard features a maximum width of 58cm, the shortest one measures 258cm. Starboard redefines construction and board development. The original GO board is introduced , setting the trend for all future wide board development The first 6 places in the 2000 World championships are won by the Ultra wide Starboard F 175. Starboard test their widest board to date measuring at 125cm Starboard brings out a range of 4 Go boards, becoming the world's most popular sandwich boards. The GO board, after 8 years of progressive wide-board development is now the most copied concept in windsurfing history. The wide Go design concept will continue to take modern day windsurfing to new levels and Starboard will again set the standards for high speed action to entry level cruising.

  • GO : Go 155 | Go 170 | Go 185

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    GO 155 155 255 85 59.5 10.4 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 520 5.5-9.5
    GO 170 170 256 90 62.2 10.9 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 560 6.0-10.5
    GO 185 185 253 99 67.5 11.85 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 600 6.5-12.5