The new exciting high performance light wind freeride machine that increases your "on the water" time. Instead of waiting, the F-Type transforms non sailing days to full planing. Providing plenty of fun and comfort, the F-Types will feed you your adrenalin fix.

These lightwind high-speed, high performance boards have an exceptional ability to plane up super-early and carry large sails, delivering hardcore racing-edge action before white caps even appear. Thin rails and super short lengths keep maneuverability and responsiveness crisp, while the high speed exhilaration of the F-Types will have you tuning in for more.

Wider, speed and power orientated hull shapes with a flat tail offer blistering accelerations, and bottom-end power in lightwinds. Cutaways reduce wetted-surface area to improve trim, acceleration and top-end speed. Inboard footstrap positions allow for the F-Types to be tuned for more accessibility and easier jibing. A new row of extra-inboard footstrap positions make it especially easy to get into straps and practice jibing. Extra-short lengths offer impeccable control in all conditions and reduce swing weight for improved responsiveness. Thin carving rails and smoothly rounded tail outlines for improved jibing performance and remarkable comfort. High quality fittings: Super-soft high comfort wavestraps, uni-directional Fish Scale pads , safety washers.

In comparision:
  • Compared to the larger Carves, the F-Types are more race-orientated, delivering a more locked-in feel with Formula-like feel to handle large sails and large fins. The F-Types fly upwind and go deep downwind, yet are the fastest weapons on the reach.
  • Compared to the S-Types, the F-Types offer a wider wind-range, bringing performance sailing to lower wind limits with better upwind and down wind abilities. They do not jibe or maneuver as well as the S-Types that are much narrower and curved in the tail section.
  • Compared to the Formulas, the F-Types are more accessible with their inboard inserts, rounded deck shapes and softly tucked rails. They jibe better than the Formulas and have a much higher fun factor. The construction of the F-Type boards is also stronger than that of the lightweight Formulas

  • F-TYPE : F-Type 138, F-Type 148, F-Type 158 (wood)
    F-TYPE : F-Type 138, F-Type 148, F-Type 158 (d-ram)

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    F-Type 138 138 222 88 60.3 8.15 8.50 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 520 5.0-10.0
    F-Type 148 148 222 96 67.0 8.55 9.15 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 560 5.5-10.5
    F-Type 158 158 231 100 73.1 9.55 10.0 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 640 6.0-12.5