The all-new light weight Express II at 90 cm width is the World's first wide sandwich board with a retractable center fin. Why has no one produced a lightweight modern wide board with centerboard before? Probably for the same reason that no one thought of wide boards before the GO was finally created.. "When sailors get to know that this trend setting combination actually is available, we will all be out of stock", was the first comment we received when we showed the board to a few US based shops during our photo shooting.

The versatile all-round board, combining learning, light and high wind performance with progressive sailing, all in one package. Fun for all the family, friends and pets.

A unique combination of lightweight full sandwich construction, premium gel-coat finish and the revolutionary "Clipperbox" retractable center fin. The Express II will deliver crisp and exciting performance for the advanced sailor, with impressive speed and exceptionally smooth jibing. For the progressing sailor, the Express II offers a large mono-pad for comfort, multiple footstrap positions for accessibility and early planing abilities.
For the beginner, there is plenty of stability and added security of a center fin to stay upwind, helping to sharpen the learning curve.
For other sailors, it's a lighter weight wide board for early planing, with a center fin for upwind capability in light winds.

Versatile windsurfing back to the roots.

  • Lightweight full sandwich construction with premium gel coat finish.
  • Wide width offers exceptional stability and early planing.
  • Fine, thin rails in the tail with a rounded outline and some heavy tuck-under provide exceptionally smooth jibing performance with easy initiation.
  • Multiple footstrap positions cater for the absolute beginner, intermediate and for maximum performance windsurfers.
  • Revolutionary "Clipperbox" retractable center fin system, super slick and smooth to use. Totally sand proof and totally flush to the deck.
  • A concaved deck in the forward area helps guide the user through a tacking maneuver with ease. Makes learning instinctively easier and faster!
  • High quality fittings: Carry handle, safety washers, easy to adjust quickstraps.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Start range, the Express is much lighter and more exciting to sail thanks to its sandwich construction. The board is geared more towards progressive sailors who sail both in planing and non-planing conditions, as opposed to absolute beginners.
  • The Express will still be extremely suitable for beginners who do not mind the lack of a full EVA deck or the higher price bracket of the Express.
  • The Start boards would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for a dedicated entry-level board in a more durable albeit heavier construction. The Start board targets a lower pricing bracket.
  • Compared to the GO range, the Express is more suitable for combining planing and non-planing fun since it has a retractable centre fin system. The premium gel?coat deck finish keeps the weight down at the expense of a full EVA deck's pure comfort. The GO boards would be more suitable if the user wants a more progressive planing freeride board that does not have the bulk of a centre fin system, or if the sailor wants a full EVA deck in a progressive package.


    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Express II 205 258 90 62.1 12.8 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox + Drake Race 560 2.0 - 9.5