Evolutionary waveboards developed by Scott McKercher.

The EVO project quickly became the most talked-about wave board concept when the first generation was introduced last year. Magazine tests and pro riders worldwide were applauding these new trendsetters.

Now the second generation of EVOs has been developed to further waveriding with maximum versatility in a wider range of conditions. Extra-short, with incredible projection off the bottom and an attitude for big aerials. The Evo's adopt a fluid ride with a tweaked aerial style of waveriding that is easily accessible to the progressive rider and pushes the limits of the hardcore pros.

With more range than classic wave shapes - from perfect waves to onshore mush - the Evo's will make the most of every wave.

"More than a simple evolution for modern waveriding, Starboard's Evo is the first ever waveboard which efficiently suits top hardcore wavesailor's needs and also 'waver-rider learners' looking for ease of use." Wind magazine France

"It's never been so easy to get aerials; the Evo takes you by surprise. It offers superhero waveriding ability out of a can." Windsurf magazine UK

"The best waveboard for those who want to attack as radical as possible. Out test-favourite for its ability to adapt to different skills and bodyweights. A board on which one's waveriding skills progress faster, in either wave-riding or jumping." Planchemag magazine France, January 04.

"It's the universal board, on which we can surf all the waves in the world, whether you are a beginner or a pro." Planchemag magazine France, October 2003.

  • New Rounded pintail shapes on all sizes for a looser, bottom turn and snappier cutback.
  • More aerial control and easy rotation with its short length.
  • The wider outline allows for smaller sails to be used in any given wind strength.
  • More accessible than classic wave shapes the Evo's do not compromise on radical performance.
  • The larger width especially in the mid aft tail section gives more range than a classic wave shape and benefits like:
    - Allowing for smaller sails to be used in any given wind strength.
    - Making the board more stable.
    - Keeping the speed through the flat part of waves.
    - Better initiation and maintenance of speed down the line.
    - A short cut for climbing over whitewater.
  • The 80 is an entirely new shape with a faster planing feel, whilst maintaining all the EVO qualities.
  • High quality fittings: Super-soft high comfort wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads, heel bumpers.
  • The Starboard "Dur-X" construction standard is arguably the most durable one in the world: The warranty rates estimated as the lowest in the industry.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Acid, the Evo boards are more "evolutionary" : they offer range of performance by making the most of all conditions. They have a more flowing, snowboard style. More adaptive and able to automatically carry speed down a wave, aerials become explosive with higher overall waveriding sensation. The Acids would be more suitable for those looking for a classic rail biting, hard-edged style of waveriding, true to hardcore "down-the-line" Hawaiian style.
  • Compared to the Kombat range, the Evos are more dedicated to pure waveriding without any performance compromise towards freestyling, whereas the Kombats are biased towards freestyling, flat-water blasting and waveriding abilities in one package. The Kombats would be more suitable for radical sailors who do not only wave-ridem, but also enjoy freeriding and freestyling in a variety of conditions.

  • EVO: EVO 62, EVO 70, EVO 74, EVO 80, EVO 92 (wood)
    EVO: EVO 62, EVO 70, EVO 74, EVO 80, EVO 92 (d-ram)


    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    EVO 62 62 219 54 34.4 5.8 6.5 US box Drake Evolution Wave 205 2.3-4.7
    EVO 70 70 229 55 36.1 6.2 6.8 US box Drake Evolution Wave 205 2.5-5.0
    EVO 74 74 233 56 36.4 6.35 7.0 US box Drake Evolution Wave 210 3.5-5.5
    EVO 80 80 234 58 39.8 6.65 7.3 US box Drake Evolution Wave 210 4.0-6.0
    EVO 92 92 236 62 40.2 7.10 7.6 US box Drake Evolution Wave 225 4.5-6.5