The Compact is the practical one-board freeride solution. It is the most compact board in its class, the only board in its class in actual fact! The Compact combines a massive sail range and freeride performance on a totally new level, all in one style board.

Ultra short not only means super easy storage and transportation, but also means ultra responsive control in strong winds. Being relatively wide brings the ability to plane up quickly in light winds with larger sails, while adding stability. A rounded tail outline and soft tucked-under rails makes for impressive jibing by wide-style freeride standards. The low swing weight feel of a super short board will blow you away with its outstanding response and agility. Pure plug and play.

  • Ultra short nose is the secret behind the Compact's amazing responsiveness and control.
  • Ultra fat also means enough nose volume for quick tacks and getting back to the beach when the wind drops.
  • Cutaways reduce the wetted surface area to improve trim, acceleration and speed. "It is frankly so much fun to plane-up so easily and with so much efficiency on such a short board. The Compact has an explosive attitude in light and unstable winds. In maneuverability, it is without peers in boards 80cm wide or more, carving far faster and being ultra-dynamic. Very comfortable, easy to ride, responsive and very fast in light or medium winds, the Compact makes itself a remarkable introduction on to the market and to our eyes, it represents an all-new type of board, absolutely versatile, accessible, fun and with ultra-high performance in a wide range of conditions." Wind magazine France, February 2004

    Two fins are supplied as standard to cover the exceptionally large wind range: a high quality prepreg Freeride 380 fin for smaller sails, and a prepreg High Modulus UD Carbon Race fin 480mm deep for larger sails.

    Multiple footstrap positions make the Compact more accessible and more versatile to various tuning options.

    High quality fittings: Super-soft high comfort wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads, safety washers.

    With the optional Compact bag, the Compact concept comes into its own as a neat package that holds the entire quiver in one practical and easily transported package.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Carves, the Compact is much shorter and relatively wider, delivering a broader wind range: it has the ability to carry large light wind sails or small high wind sails, giving amazing bottom end and a fast controllable ride in high winds. The downside is that its short curvy nose makes the board more technical to get going than conventional freeride boards.
  • The Carves would therefore be more suitable for freeride sailors who are either looking for something more classic, or looking for a dedicated freeride board for a more specific wind range. The 3 larger Carve models are also more accessible than the Compact.

  • COMPACT : Wood , D-ram

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Compact 126 204 83.3 54.9 7.65 7.9 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 380 + Drake Race 480 5.0-9.5