"We are in love with it" Planchemag, France
"Highly recommended" Windsurf mag, UK
"Mission to the moon achieved" Wind magazine, France.
"Our best in test for its incredible versatility" Planchemag, France

The leader in freeride design, this acclaimed range is the industry reference. Now the much-anticipated all-new Carve series have been completely reworked for 2005, taking freeride performance to the next level.

Pure Freeride boards for an unlimited rush of blasting and maximum jibing action. The new Carves are balanced, crisp and exhilarating to ride, with outstanding maneuverability and a great jumping ability. Also with with increased comfort and a fun feel, these new highly developed Carves will set the standard once again.

Watch out for the new 101 and 121 designs, which quickly became our testers' choice amongst all the other Carve favorites, as their performance edge over their predecessor was most notable.

"The Carve should be right at the top of your shopping list". "Highly recommended". Windsurf magazine UK, June 2004

Thin carving rails and smoothly rounded tail outlines for maximum jibing performance. Versatile with its multiple insert positions. The Carve 131, 145 and 161 also have an extra-inboard of third row inserts to make them ultra-accessible.
New flat tailed rockers on all Carves but the 101 and 94 and lifted noses give blisteringly quick accelerations and a freer, crisper ride. The 101 and 94 feature a tail kick for extra maneuverability. High quality fittings: super-soft, uni-directional Fish Scale pads, Safety Washers (131, 145 ,and 161), anti-twist footstrap plates, high comfort Wavestraps.
New extra-domed decks add tail volume, grip and comfort. The Carve 131, 145 and 161 also feature mini-cutaways in the tail to improve trim and reduce wetted surface area without compromising on early-planing.
In comparision:
  • Compared to the S-Types, the Carves of similar volume (94, 101, 111, 121) are more orientated towards fun freeriding in comfort without sacrificing the thrill of an excitingly crisp ride. They jibe better and are more maneuverable, making them more fun in a bump and jump scenario. The S-Types would be more suitable if the sailor is looking for higher speeds and a more slalom like ride, with better and more fun jibes than what the full slalom boards deliver. The S-Types are also suitable for Supercross-type events.
  • Compared to the F-Types, the Carves of similar volumes (131, 145, 161) are more orientated towards jibing fun and a crisp, exciting reaching ride. Because they are longer, the Carves are more stable longitudinally and therefore more accessible for some. The F-Types deliver more racing thrills and a wider wind range, with earlier planing abilities. They do not jibe as well, but have superior upwind performance and quicker light-wind abilities.
  • Compared to the GOs, the Carves of similar volumes (145, 161) are thinner, especially around the rails. This and their more rounded outlines make them more maneuverable and more carving orientated. The lack of a full EVA deck makes them sharper in light winds and more exciting to sail in lightwind freeride conditions. The GOs would be more suitable for those looking for more comfort and more accessibility. The outlines are less rounded making them plane up and accelerate quicker at the expense of reduced maneuverability. The GOs also have beginner strap positions and a full EVA deck for added comfort.
  • Compared to the Kombats and Acids, the Carves of similar volumes (94, 101) are more geared towards fast in?and?out sailing with excellent jumping and jibing abilities, capable of only basic freestyling and waveriding. The Carves have options for more outboard strap settings making them more suitable for blasting up and down. The Kombats are not as good for straight line high-speed blasting yet remain lively and fun. They are excellent for crossover wave riding and free styling thanks to their Evo/freesex derived designs with, conservative lengths and centred strap settings. The Acids are designed for classic waveriding in mind and only limited bump and jump sailing, so are therefore more suitable for pure wave sailing and potentially some hardcore bump and jump riding.

  • CARVE: 94, 101, 111, 121, 131, 145, 161 (wood)
    CARVE: 94, 101, 111, 121, 131, 145, 161 (d-ram)
    CARVE: 131, 145, 161 (h.d.e)


    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Carve 94 94 247 60 39.3 6.6 7.1 - S.Tuttle box Drake Freeride 280 4.0-6.5
    Carve 101 101 247 62 40.5 6.85 7.45 - S.Tuttle box Drake Freeride 300 4.5-7.0
    Carve 111 111 252 64 40.4 7.0 7.5 - S.Tuttle box Drake Freeride 320 4.7-7.2
    Carve 121 121 253 66.5 42.2 7.35 7.6 - S.Tuttle box Drake Freeride 380 5.1-8.0
    Carve 131 131 255 72 47.0 7.9 8.1 8.25 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 480 5.4-8.5
    Carve 145 145 260 78 51.9 8.6 8.9 9.15 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 520 5.8-9.0
    Carve 161 161 256 82 54.3 9.05 9.3 9.5 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 520 6.1-10.0