Installing the clipperbox fin

1. Insert the side plates either side of the clipperbox fin.
2. Insert the assembled fin into the board from the deck until the side plates are fully reaching the mating side in the box.
3. Place the deck cover and secure with the 6 countersunk screws.
4. Screw down the handle until is fully locked, with the supplied spacer if necessary.

WARNING : Care should be taken to align the handle correctly, otherwise the thread may be permanently damanged.

Installing the fin (Tuttle and Deep Tuttle box systems)

1. Insert the fin from the bottom side until the fin's base is approximately 1-2mm above the board's bottom surface.
2. Carefully insert the bolts through the metal washer then the rubber washer, and finally through the board's deck and into the fin's head. Screw down the bolts firmly until the fin's base sits flush with the board's bottom surface.

Installing the air vent

1. Insert the air vent bolt and O-Ring seal into the air vent hole, located on the deck besides the mast track.
2. Carefully tighten the air valve ensuring that the bolt is correctly aligned. Misalignment may damage the thread and seal.

WARNING : Always ensure that the vent is closed prior to any contact with water, and opened when either stored in extreme temperatures or transported through large changes in altitude.

Installing the footstraps

1. Insert the screws through the washers with its teeth facing down and through the centre holes located on either end of a footstrap. The pull-tabs will help you clear these holes for access.
2. Screw down each footstrap onto the desired footstrap position on the board. Tightening the footstraps as much as possible will provide rigidity and comfort. Insufficient tightening will allow the strap to twist and distort excessively.

WARNING : Tuning the footstrap fit will greatly enhance both comfort and performance. Always use corresponding holes for both ends of the straps for the recommended strap aparture (15.5cm). The aparture can be increased or decreased simply by opting for an adjacent hole on one end.
The size of the strap can be adjusted with the velcro adjustment system (Quickstraps and Wavestraps) or by changing to different strap hole options Racestrap).

Installing the fin (US box systems)

1. Insert the brass plate into the fin box slot and slide it completely forwards.
2. Insert the fin into the fin box slot and slide backwards to the desired position. By default, the recommended position is either marked on the board or it is centred in the box. Adjusting the fin position forwards or backwards will depend on personal preference and tuning.
3. Rotate the fin until the fin sits almost flush with the board's bottom surface Align the brass plate hole to the one in the fin base head, insert the fin bolt through the holes and tighten securely until the fin base is flush with the board's bottom surface.

Installing the mast base

1. Insert the brass plate inside the mast track slot and slide to the desired position. By default, the centre of the mast track will give the best all-round performance. The position can be tuned forwards or backwards dependingon your personal preference, sail size and wind strength.
2. Screw in the mast base (not supplied with your board) to the brass plate and tighten securely.

WARNING : If the mast base is not sufficiently tightened, the mast base may side during use.