"It's a great feeling board. It has a nice rockerline to it, planes up well, has good turning for its size and is a good lightwind fun board." Kevin Pritchard

The Aero unleashes a whole new light wind world...

...slash chop, cruise, ride waves, bump, jump, and loop in lighter winds. The wide wind range makes it the right choice as a one board solution for those who want to enjoy the ultimate thrills of action-packed windsurfing in windspeeds never imagined possible before. Developed as a one board solution for 9 to 29 knots. Starboard continues its vision of innovative design in windsurfing by launching the most versatile board range to date.

  • Zero-Vee between your feet, with plenty of vee under your back foot and the mast track area giving a high crisp ride with extreme maneuverability.
  • Multiple insert positions: Inboard for waveriding and freestyling, outboard for blasting.
  • Domed deck for extra comfort and grip when using inboard straps.
  • Evo surfboard rails for smooth and flowing carving abilities.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Kombat range, the Aero fi lls a similar role (some bump and jump, some waveriding and freestyling, some freeriding), but be cause of its added width, it becomes light-to-medium wind orientated. It has a wider sail range, so it becomes an ideal one-board-solution for those who want to sail from 8 knots and above. The Kombat is more suitable for those who want a medium-to-high-wind bump and jump board.
  • Compared to the Carves of similar volume (Carve 111, 121,131), the Aero's are wider for there given volumes. Because of this extra width, you can use larger sails in comparison to Carves of the same volume. The Carves are more suitable for those looking for classic freeriding with more speed, with less compromise towards wave sailing or maneuverability in light winds.
  • Compared to the Carves of similar widths (Carve 131), the Aeros are far more maneuverable, albeit less speed oriented overall and a bit more technical because of its shorter length. The Aeros give a completely different feel, being far more radical and responsive. The Carves are more 'locked-down' in feel, as pure freerides should be, whilst the Aeros are more upright and invites you to slash chop, jump and loop in light winds.

  • AERO: Aero (wood)
    AERO: Aero (d-ram)

    Model Volume
    Fin Fin box Sail size

    Aero 117 117 235 71 45 7.2 7.5 Drake Freeride Flow 380
    + Drake Wave TT 300
    Tuttle 5.0 - 9.0
    Aero 127 127 235 74 46.5 7.5 7.8 Drake Freeride Flow 400
    + Drake Wave TT 300
    Tuttle 5.5 - 9.5