New signature Acid supplies from the World's best wave team- Levi Siver, Kevin Pritchard and Scott McKercher.

Classic down-the-line waveboards. The ultimate for hardcore, high-speed waveriding in epic conditions. The Acid 70 and 74 Pro-models are developed for Levi's explosive style. The Acid 80 and 88 are Scott's Pro-model boards, designed for a fast, powerful and committed front-foot riding style. The Acid 94 is Kevin Pritchard's Pro-model, the fast side-shore waveboard is developed around his heavier weight and the need for a larger board in lighter wind conditions.

"The 05 Acid range delivers maximum performance for classic down-the-line waveriding, with precise and controlled high speed cutbacks. Beautiful outlines that allow you to draw a turn out or snap it hard whilst utilizing the whole rail. Positive control at the extreme end of performance. Doing maneuvers at warp speed will be how this board wants to be driven." Scott McKercher.

  • Slender pintail shapes evolved over a period of 8 years through constant developments.
  • Each board has been developed in close collaboration with Levi, Scott and Kevin, who together cover a wide range of styles and sailor weight.
  • High quality fittings: Super-soft comfort wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads, heel bumpers.
  • The Starboard "Dur-X" construction standard is arguably the most durable one in the world: The warranty rates are estimated as the lowest in the industry.
  • The Acid 70 is Levi's board especially designed for more versatility and fluidity with its wider outline and shorter length.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the Evo range, the Acid boards deliver more penetrating hard-edged carving combined with more classic rail-to-rail waveriding performance. While they have a narrower range in terms of optimum conditions, the Acids remain the ultimate in pure side shore wave riding.
  • Compared to the Kombat range, the Acids are more dedicated to pure waveriding without any performance compromise towards freestyling, where as the kombats are biased towards freestyling, flat-water blasting and waveriding abilities in one package. The Kombats would be more suitable for radical sailor who do not only wave-ride, but also enjoy freeriding and freestyling in a variety of conditions.

  • ACID: ACID 70, ACID 74, ACID 80, ACID 88, ACID 94 (wood)
    ACID: ACID 70, ACID 74, ACID 80, ACID 88, ACID 94 (d-ram)


    Model Volume
    (+-5 %)
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Acid 70 70 239 54.6 34.9 6.15 6.75 US box Drake Wave 210 2.5-5.0
    Acid 74 74 241 53.3 33.5 6.25 6.85 US box Drake Wave 210 3.0-5.3
    Acid 80 80 251 54 32.4 6.40 6.95 US box Drake Wave 220 3.5-5.5
    Acid 88 88 252 56 36.1 6.85 7.45 US box Drake Wave 220 4.2-6.0
    Acid 94 94 253 62 37.6 7.15 7.75 US box Drake M&M Wave 240 4.5-6.5