The new faster, Freestyle Extreme range combines a new level of acceleration, responsiveness and the eager ability to spin tricks in all directions. Colin Sifferlen invited Taty Frans to join the team and together these two freestyle extremists have been helping to develop the new school shapes for the expert while at the same time their design scope ensured a good package for classic freestyle sailors.

The Freesex features pronounced heel gutters lower the center of effort on the board. They provide exceptional grip and comfort for the rider. The new faster rocker lines and vee configurations allow higher speeds with maneuverability, outstanding agility and a blasting ride.

  • Heel gutters lower the feet closer to the water for a lower center of effort improving control and feel over the board.
  • The heel gutters also increase the dome on the deck providing more grip and making the inboard footstrap positions extremely comfortable.
  • New outlines are designed for quick acceleration and excellent popping ability.
  • Super short, thin shapes bring maximum aerial control and minimum swing weight.
  • Slender rocker lines and reduced Vee gives more straight-line speed.
  • Faster more comfortable shapes mean that these new Freesex's are adapted to freemove and freeride potential.
  • A freestyle specific construction for improved heel ding resistance has been developed with the use of a unique full wood, Carbon/Kevlar sandwich.
  • Beveled rails to prevent the board from tripping when sliding and rotating over the water during maneuvers.
  • Nose rocker especially curved to improve tail first planing.
  • High quality fittings: Super-soft high comfort wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads.

    In comparision:
  • Compared to the kombat range, the Freesexes are quicker off the mark, better for explosive aerial control, reverse sliding, rotational sliding, and better at going upwind: these are the most important factors for professional freestyling.
  • The Kombats would be more suitable if the rider is looking for more classic maneuverability and wave?riding performance as well as more recreational freestyle ability in a "one board" package.
  • Compared to the Carve range, the Freesexes offer more dedicated Freestyle abilities by not compromising on aerial control and natural respon siveness. They would however not perform as well in straight-line, jibing and blasting conditions that the freeride Carves are dedicated at.
  • So the Carve range would be more suitable for those who only occasionally try freestyle maneuvers, and spend more time blasting and jibing.

  • FREESEX: FREESEX 90 | FREESEX 100 | FREESEX 110 (wood)
    FREESEX: FREESEX 90 | FREESEX 100 | FREESEX 110 (d-ram)

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    FreeSEX 90 90 241 60 36.5 6.4 7.0 US box Drake Freestyle 220 4.2-5.8
    FreeSEX 100 100 245 64.5 40.2 6.85 7.35 US box Drake Freestyle 240 4.8-6.5
    FreeSEX 110 110 249 69 43.7 7.4 8.0 US box Drake Freestyle 260 5.2-8.0