Our growing team of female sailors the world over are standing behind the Diva program. In Norway alone 42 ladies participated in the first regional Diva camp.

A selection of tailor-made boards for women, the Diva line presents a hyper-radical Evo 62 shape for evolutionary waveriding, and two high performance freeride Carve shapes designed around comfort with a feminine touch.

Diva Evo - Extremely small to suit the needs of a lightweight sailor, with a slightly lighter deck construction, the Evo shape offers radical wave-riding action with an attitude towards tweaked aerials and explosive projections off the lip. With a wider range than conventional classic wave shapes, the Diva Evo makes the most out of any wave conditions - from onshore mush to epic, fast Ho'okipa conditions.

Diva Carves - With their all new lightweight full EVA deck cover, the Diva Carves combine high-performance freeride shapes that deliver exhilarating speeds, crisp handling and maximum jibing fun with extra comfort and protection from cuts or bruises. At only 2mm thickness and with the recessed pads, the Diva Carves' full EVA deck remains lightweight, with cool looks.

  • Lightweight, full EVA deck finish on the Diva Carve 121 and 145.
  • High quality fittings: Super comfortable Wavestraps, uni-directional fish scale pads, safety washers (on the Diva Carve 145), heel bumpers (on the Diva 62).

  • DIVA : Diva 62, Diva Carve 121, Diva Carve 145

    Model Volume
    Finbox Fin size Sail size
    Diva 62 62 219 54 34.4 6.0 - US box Drake Evolution Wave 205 2.3-4.7
    Diva Carve 121 121 253 66.5 42.1 - 8.0 S.Tuttle Drake Freeride 380 5.1-8.0
    Diva Carve 145 145 260 78 52.0 - 9.1 Deep Tuttle Drake Freeride 520 5.8-9.0