Svein started windsurfing in 1978 and won the Mistral Worlds in 1983. He was a gold medallist candidate for the 1984 Olympics and spent 10 years on the PWA pro circuit. In 1991 he became the first sailor to win all disciplines in the IFCA Production-board Class Worlds.

Most Starboard master boards are tested by Svein before they get verified for production. Svein is as the sole owner of the brand he founded in 1994, still involved in overlooking every step of the Starboard concept from shaping to shipping.

The next generation of boards and sailors are here to take windsurfing to the next level.
Seeing 6 year old Joergen and 9 year old Connor blasting around inspired us to develop a whole new generation of boards scaled to their size. The Pro Kids range is the coolest program we have ever been involved in, adding a whole new face to windsurfing.

Promoting the prospects of a whole new Olympic windsurfing class is a challenge Starboard has been at the forefront of during the last 18 months. A new style of super early planing boards which works well also in non planing conditions were the product brief for our Z-Class boards. We look forward towards China 2008, and especially the thousands of races to be held before then, including the Formula Experience class events that hopefully will become the future recruitment events.

The Kombat is our new blend. A "curved to fit" multipurpose vehicle combining the best of our Freeride and Evo lines, into a no fear, no bull, cross over fun and fly package.

Fast and furious S-types are on the way to bring a whole new sporty feel to freeriding, while instead of waiting the F-type transforms non sailing days into a full planing adrenaline fix.

The Express, the world's only modern center fin board, built with a light sandwich construction. Potentially the most popular board concept today.

The new Starsurfer is a favorite. A great toy for kids and parents alike.

The entry level Start boards have gone to a new level by combining maximum balance with super early planing, providing true thrills from the very first time on board.

We have further developed all ranges by building and testing more prototype boards and fittings than ever before. Our services are growing and thanks to all the outstanding personalities that support Starboard, we are ready to continue taking windsurfing to the next level.

Svein Rasmussen
President, Starboard International