"At the age of 26, Tiesda You is already something different. Shaper for the Starboard brand, he has created an impressive number of mythological boards. Of French nationality, Cambodian origin and born in Sudan, Tiesda grew up in Qatar shaping boards before moving to London to pursue studies in engineering, fluid dynamics and composite materials at UCL. A shaping prodigy and a master of curves." Portrait by Planchemag, April 2004.

Starboard's core research, design and development team are all too aware that innovation and quality is a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Paying attention to details, listening intently and thinking two steps ahead, is what drives the team forwards.

Listening to schools, Starboard developed the new Clipperbox system, a revolutionary retractable centre-fin system, so simple and functional by design. Sand-proof, durable and simply so smooth to use. Paying attention to test riders, a new dual-layer tread pattern was designed for 2005 board pads. With a uni-directional 'Fish Scale' grooving, these pads offer traction and grip in precisely the right direction, whilst allowing the foot to smoothly slip out when exiting from the straps. With concerns about safety, Starboard introduced the Safety Rubber Washer, a small device that protects flesh from protruding fin bolts - a small and simple detail yes, but a critical one none the less. Racers wanted lighter straps and did not mind compromising size-adjustment practicality - so a Racestrap that weighs a mere 90g with minimal water absorption was developed and introduced as standard on all Formula and Sonic boards.

Tiki Tools, full EVA decks, plastic fins with tool-less Easy Bolts fixtures for kids… the list goes on.

The greatest detail of all, the shape, is the ultimate focus of attention. Hundreds of concepts are tested and refined each season, day in and day out, all year round; involving dozens of core designers of the most experienced caliber and verified by professional test riders from around the world, each board and its details strive to define performance, innovation and quality.

Tiesda You
B.Eng Hons (IMechE)
Head of Starboard Design and Development

Per Andersson. A Swede bred in the waves of Western Australia, Per shapes, tests and specializes in board construction, shape and quality. A pure perfectionist by nature, Per has grown to become a key figure in the workshop within a short space of time. Driven by sheer passion, he draws sincere respect from those of us around him.

Koltd Black . The artist who's talent designs the artwork that goes on the boards. Mixing windsurfing inspiration with tattoos, comics, and local beer, he has both a unique graphic and working style. A maverick by nature, a clown around the office, Koltd demands freedom of movement and an artistic license in his work, contained only within the broadest of marketing guidelines. A tough guy to keep inspired and motivated.

Herr Udo Busshoff is Starboard's product designer in charge of the development of parts and accessories; a meticulous and extremely creative character, with a thorough understanding of functionality and design aesthetics. Mr. 'German precision'. Trained with 13 years in a performance sports retail shop and a diploma in Product Design.

Nimit Pormchan, Gob Sewakul, Pracha Nai Win, Peak Sakarin and Pop Singnin . The leading workshop craftsmen of exceptional talent and ability. The inseperable gang handle the making of all Starboard prototypes and masters for many years now, however big, small or challenging. Between boards, they like to install sub-woofers in the workshop and play the music so loud it's like working in a club. The guys hang out together, wakeboard together, eat together and fom a closely knit group of especially pure-hearted friends.