Starboard F-Type 138::

The highest performer, but not the least fun!

F-Type 138

Starboard F-Type 138 Dram

A modern shape, fusion between Formula and Freeride.

Next to the 100% freeride Carve range, there is a more racing alternative for more cool flat water sailing. This is the mission of the new F-Types, funny looking compact boards that carry design inspiration from the Formula and the 2m long Compact. For this little F-Type (a 148 and 158 is also available), Tiesda You has designed a 220cm long board for 88.5cm of max width which is quite far forward. The tail outline is relatively narrow for the max width, making jibing easier. Our D-Ram model was just over 10kg (fully equipped), and the wood weighs in at about 600g less.

Fitted like a racing board.

The designers did not hesitate to give it all: a moulded fin with custom finish, shaped and signed by Deboichet himself. Straps are fat and confortable, and we liked the double-layered EVA pad. Only thing missing were heel bumpers. There are two outboard strap settings for different styles, and there is also a third row of more centred positions for beginners.

A unique feeling on flat water.

We have to of course be careful about the reduced nose length, but the width under your feet is wide enough that getting to grips with the board is not as difficult as you would expect. So after the Hypersonic, Starboard now offers the super-compact in the freerace category. When getting planing, you shouldn't wait for the board to start, you should move back towards the straps far quicker than on normal boards. We then have underfoot a machine that gives a planing sensation that is a real treat, with shocking accelerations and performance that is untouchable on any tack. Therefore, in this comparative test, it seems to be in a class of its own compared to the more classic freeriders with their apprently useless excessive inertia. Short and incisive, it goes through chop with heart-breaking ease and jibes with spectacular bite - the nice and thin rails in the tail seem to cut water like a knife through butter.

Fantastic-Type on flat water

Despite its short length, but also because of it, this F-Type 138 is a step ahead of the competition. Ultra-modern and with a virtually perfect design (even in the details on the deck), it offers the performance of a real racing board with a fun side that is unequalled - thanks to an inertia reduced down to a minimum.

+ Performance, Acceleration/speed, stability, minimum inertia, control/comfort, design/presentation
- Weight compared to its length